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2nd Quarterish 2022 Update!

Okay. It's been rough. Cashflow has been much lower because I've made some heavy investments. The investments I dove into are:

1) Ebay - started an Ebay Store

2) Dropship - started a dropship store

3) Dropship - started another dropship store

3) Turo - bought a vehicle for turo listing

4) Tour Company - started a tour company

5) Music - started a music website, I am trying to get gigs

6) YouTube - started a YouTube Music channel which will focus on cover songs

These investments have drained my cashflow. They are also not the most passive generating income methods. However, I am hoping that I can hit the sales targets to start bringing in cash.

I have learned a lot about stretching myself thin, and most importantly, that I have more time on my hands then I realize. It's amazing how much time frees up when social media is cut out, leisure YouTube time is cut out, and unnecessary habits are cut out as well.

I'm hoping September will start to see some major turn arounds as far as cashflow. Investing into things is good, but dang, we need to see some Return on Investment too!

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