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Become a Millionaire with Me!

Welcome to Chasing Millions! This website is going to chronicle the journey of what it takes to become a millionaire.

The metric that we will use to monitor our current wealth status, is Networth. Currently, my networth is in the negatives -- due to a combination of Student Loan debt, and debt I've taken out to attempt to finance a business that I'm building. We will get more into the this a little bit later.

The exact formula for Networth that we will be using is Assets - Liabilities = Networth. Or, what we own - what we owe = what we have.

So with that, we start from the beginning!

For the month of October, we will be exploring multiple revenue streams. I want to set up revenue streams by focusing on the structure of this campaign. Specifically, by making a trifecta of revenue streams that ultimately leads to potential viewers becoming potential clients. The three revenue platforms that I will be starting with are YouTube, a Blog, and a Podcast. All three of these campaigns will be intertwined within each other so that they are ultimately ONE cohesive revenue streaming unit that will be the backbone of this business for the next six months.

So join me on the beginning of this venture as we figure out how to become millionaires together!

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