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What's New 2022!

2022 is going to be the Year!

It's going to be the Year that I bust my buns and get the ball rolling on the many projects that I am a part of.

January will see the start of two of newly created YouTube Channels. Both started around 1/18/2022. Videos will be uploaded

and we will go from there.

I also began writing a Children's Book. I hope to have it finalized and ready for Self-Publishing by 1/25/2022. Once the

layout and illustrations are complete, the plan is to Print-On-Demand about 5-10 copies for practical research purposes.

After reviewing the product, we'll decide how to tweak the entire process.

Aside from that, it's also tax season! I'm excited to begin helping clients with the many changes to the tax law. There are

also a few new services besides tax that my firm will be offering.

These are some of the great things that Chasing Millions is ready to launch! Start of the year and already off to a bang!

Keep your head down and get some work guys. See you on the other side of the rainbow!


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